Two longtime friends, a witness, a groom. You will find more information in the about section

We are based in Switzerland, in Lausanne more precisely.
They are tested and approved by us, in the four corners of the world and surely soon on Mars. We maintain an essential relationship of trust to offer you the best experience.
It will depend on the number and the destination. We will do everything to ensure that you have it as much as possible within 48 hours.
Everything is doable! However, each proposal will be tested and validated by us. We don't send you anywhere. 🙂
As with the previous question, yes, if tested and approved ... and legal
No limit! Of course, everything will depend on the program of activities on site. However, 2 minimum seems essential to us.

Vous pouvez nous régler par virement bancaire, Twint ou Paypal (frais de 5% du montant pour ce dernier si paiement en tant que « biens et services » ou sans frais « pour vos proches »). D’autres méthodes de paiement viendront dans le futur.

In order to validate the quote, yes. However we can help you in the management and recovery of payments from your friends. We know it's never easy. 🙂
Once the quote has been accepted and payment made, it is not possible to cancel the services. Except, of course, in the event of force majeure described in the general conditions (pandemic, illness, etc.).

Yes, as long as the reservation procedure is not completed, it is quite possible to adapt whatever you want.

Either you fly on your own or we offer a guide who will take care of you. We are also available and reachable by phone throughout the stay.

Absolutely, we adapt to your needs. All combinations are possible.

We will reimburse you in full or we find another fallback solution.

Yes, no problem, as long as there is still availability with our partners. We take care of everything.

Of course! We'll do our best to find the best rates, no matter where you are.

The total ! However, any voluntary degradation or anything that does not comply with the laws in force will be your responsibility.

Yes, we will be happy to work on a suitable project from A to Z.

Refer to our general conditions. However, we will do everything possible to find an alternative.

Tu peux trouver nos avis clients sur notre fiche Google or Trustpilot. N’hésite d’ailleurs pas à laisse le tiens après un événement avec D-Storm 🙂

No problem, we are here for that! You can contact us by phone at +41 79 829 97 81 or +41 79 428 06 81 as well as by email at contact@d-storm.com