Terms and conditions


These general conditions of sale are subject to change from time to time.

The contractual conditions below govern the legal relations existing between you, the client, and us, D-Storm Event SNC, Chemin des Eterpeys 30, 1010 Lausanne, Switzerland; hereinafter referred to as D-Storm. As a contractual partner, the customer is responsible for all of the participants that he registers for the service. Each participant is therefore bound by all of the general conditions.

The customer must be aware of the contractual conditions before making the reservation.


Following the signature of the quote, a contract is established between you, the client, and us, D-Storm Event SNC.

The rights and obligations stipulated in these general conditions become effective between D-Storm Event SNC and yourself upon signature of the contract.


D-Storm Event SNC undertakes to organize your stay including travel / activities / accommodation and to provide you with all the services agreed upon when registering. Everything will be specified in writing and signed by both parties. It is possible to add services later, at the cost of the activity. D-Storm releases itself from all non-contractual activities. Our providers are approved by us.

It will be indicated when the service contract is concluded, the travel area, the means of transport as well as the chosen class (business, economy, etc.), accommodation and activities. A roadmap will be provided to the customer. It is also possible to provide you with a guide on site.


Once registration is validated, D-Storm requires obtaining a valid identity document from each of the participants within 5 days. After this period, additional costs may be added (increase in the price of flights or trains). Official identity documents must be valid. The addition of new participant (s) generates additional costs payable by the customer. Conversely, the cancellation of one or more participants in the 30 days prior to departure cannot be refunded. Any cancellation or modification of your registration must be sent in writing to the following address: contact@d-storm.com


In order to validate your quote, a deposit of 50% will be requested when signing it. The remaining 50% must be paid no later than 30 days before the departure date. If you have a gift voucher, please specify it when making your reservation.

We accept the following payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal or Twint.


Our prices are indicated in Swiss francs (CHF), net amounts, value added tax included. Payment is made according to the payment conditions described in the previous point.

On the other hand, we invoice the full price of the final estimate if you do not show up for departure without valid and certified reasons, the delay in departure or invalid and complete travel documents.

Prices may be subject to increase in the event of a significant variation in the price of fuel, taxes, currency fluctuations, or any other factor determining the price of the booked trip. D-Storm can pass these increases on to the sale price, but no later than 30 days before departure. If the price increase exceeds 5%, you have the right, within 5 days of receiving our notice, to terminate the contract by email or registered letter.

If one or more participants are added subsequently and exceed the capacity of a place or means of transport or requests a modification of the program, D-Storm undertakes to offer the client an adaptation of the program that could generate additional costs in agreement with the customer

If your payment has not reached us within the agreed time limits, we reserve the right, after notification, to withdraw from the contract and to cancel your service.


In the event of cancellation before departure, an interruption of the stay for a reason not covered by your cancellation insurance, you agree to pay the costs in force.

As the cancellation conditions with airlines and railways are strict, no refund will be possible after the issuance of transport tickets, with the exception of the company.

Any modification may incur administrative costs (name, date, destination, etc.). It is always advisable to take out travel insurance in order to compensate for any additional costs.

* From 29 days before your departure, we cannot guarantee any refund. However, we will do our best with our partners to cancel your services at a lower cost.

The following services may be excluded from its conditions:

Partner conditions

D-Storm reserving its services with partners, it is the cancellation and reimbursement conditions of said partners that apply. Any potential refunds or changes are therefore based on the conditions concerned.

Services consisting of fixed costs

Some services are subject to group rates and are considered fixed costs in the budget. Our partners therefore do not offer a refund for a cancellation of one or more participants. In the event that their prices are also calculated in proportion to the number of participants or through a price scale, it is possible that a partial refund will be effective.

Non-refundable benefits

Just like transport tickets, tickets for public events are also non-refundable services upon issuance of the ticket.


In the event that one of our service providers has an unforeseen event or must cancel the activity, we are obliged to inform you immediately. Then another similar activity or not (customer choice) will be proposed to you. If the latter is not satisfactory, we will reimburse you at the price of the service. We may have to cancel services for reasons beyond our control such as force majeure or geopolitical events or natural disasters. For this also, we communicate to you as soon as possible in order to agree with you an alternative solution or a refund.

In the event of the client being late on a service leading to a modification of the program, this may generate additional costs or the cancellation of the service at the client's expense.


Each traveler is solely responsible for respecting the rules concerning passports, visas if necessary, customs and health. Each participant is responsible for checking their identity papers before departure. Please check any administrative questions relating to travel before departure. D-Storm remains available to support the formalities.

Please respect the instructions imposed by local customs.



The customer is responsible for the smooth running of the stay. D-Storm Event SNC acts as an intermediary between the client and the service providers. The latter must respect the rules established in advance. D-Storm is not responsible for damage and damage caused by customers (bodily injury, material, theft, etc.). The group must also respect the predefined places and times. The customer undertakes to respect the conditions of the contract established in D-Storm and himself.

Guests may request a security deposit to cover any damages or extras. D-Storm will do what is necessary before signing the contract to notify the customer if this is the case.

If the customer does not show up for the return flight or other transport on time, everything will be the responsibility of the latter.

Each person is responsible for their luggage, from departure to arrival. D-Storm declines any damage, theft or loss of these. However, we recommend that you take out insurance.

D-Storm disclaims all liability for the partial or total non-performance of the provision of services as a result of a fortuitous event, an act caused by a third party or a case of force majeure (emergency measures introduced by government or local authorities; acts of terrorism, total or partial strike, epidemic, pandemic, war, closure, flood, fire, natural causes) or any other cause beyond the control of D-Storm.


D-Storm undertakes to request only the data necessary for processing the files. We attach great importance to the right to privacy. Each data will be entered with the greatest care and respect the provisions of Swiss law. We do not pass any information on to third parties for commercial purposes.


You must send your complaints in writing no later than 10 days after your return to D-Storm Event SNC, Ch. Des Eterpeys 30, 1010 Lausanne, Switzerland. If the written complaint is not made within the aforementioned period, all claims for damages cease. The postage stamp being authentic.


The applicable law is Swiss law, and any dispute will be dealt with by the District Court of Lausanne. The place of jurisdiction is at the head office of D-Storm Event SNC in Lausanne.