Sexy Limousine tour in Sofia

CHF 39

Un best-seller à Sofia et il risque d’y faire très chaud! Ballades et hautes températures garanties sur les routes de la capitale Bulgare! 1h00 de folie en musique à bord d’un véhicule tout confort pour une ambiance… électrique!

Start the party aboard a limousine. Clearly a must in Sofia!

Why not do this between a pub crawl, and if the strength is still there, but we have no doubt, finish in the evening VIP nightclub?

Possible without striptease also.


Sexy Limousine tour in Sofia

Further information

  • 1 hour limousine ride
  • 2 to 3 bottles of Champagne.
  • Lincoln Town Car (5 to 7 seats),
  • Rolls Royce (5 to 9 seats).
  • Hummer H200 (8 to 18 seats)
  • (Price based on a group of at least 10 people, if less, the price may vary)